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empty bottles

empty bottles

Tryin’ new wines and figurin’ out somethin’ handy to do with the corks and bottles is my current pastime (it’ll change next week, not the drinking wine part). I did learn that by using pure acetone, twine, and matches, you’re able to effortlessly burn the tops off (numerous empty wine bottles in my case) and upcycle ‘em into decorative plant holders. I ain’t much figured for the corks yet.

Recently, my sweet, sweet husband stocked our (er, uh, my) wine cabinet and dazzled me with a couple new selections that I never would’ve bought for myself (I only get what’s in the circular, he don’t care about sales). Included in his loot were some Merlots (I like to say meer-lott just because it’s the wrong pronunciation) and Chiantis (I pronounce this one correctly, kee-ahn-tee).

Meer-lott has always been my choice delight.  Although, as I’m writing this, I’m thinking back to a strawberry wine that I loved. What the hell was it!? That’s right, how could I forget…Boone’s Farm wine! I thought that was the shit back when I was younger and could be found getting stuck in mud holes with my friend’s trucks. It made me feel so polished with a glass of Boone’s in my hand! Oh who am I joking, it was all I could afford! My taste for wine has refined itself since the high school days, but I’ll never forget my first love…Boone’s Farm.

When exploring most meer-lott brands, I’m not persnickety, yet, I must mention a new brand I sipped recently and it flat-out sucked. It was like soured moo juice mixed with bitter tart. The innocence of the wine’s name got me. (I tend to buy wines based on their label names or designs). So, yeap, I succumbed to the Cupcake Merlot label (or it must it been on sale). All I can say is Cupcake’s contents went down da drain (I do plan on repurposing the bottle and cork into a birdfeeder)! I don’t research wines. I simply snatch what appeals to me, like aforementioned Cupcake, give it a quick once over, place it in the buggy, and bound forth to unexplored wine isles.

I do love Chianti, but don’t sip it as much as I do mer-lott. Maybe I like Chianti as its Hannibal Lecter’s preferred drink with liver (I believe it was).  

There was a point I was gettin’ to here when I began writin’ this. Ummmm, oh…that’s right, my sweet hubby bringin’ home new vinos for momma! One of those meer-lott’s was so good, I wanted nuthin’ else! It was STERLING – VINTER’S COLLECTION Merlot 2013. And, damn! It was marvelous darlin’s! Invite your girlfriends over and have a Vinter’s collection wine tastin’ and see what wine 2y’all think (the guys will like it on account the ladies aren’t out shoppin’, they’ll all be with you drinkin’)! What I liked most about Sterling was its smooth, woodsy, organic raw flavor (that’s as about as good as I can get with a wine description). Reminded me of sittin’ ‘round a campfire on a cool night, breeze washin’ over me or swayin’ on hammock in the backyard (no, no, it was the campfire…can’t drink meer-lot swayin’ in a hammock)! Sterling has now trumped my Bogle brand meer-lot on my growing list of wine bottles I love to empty.

Until next time, cheerio darlin’s!